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Frequently Asked Questions

Have you had enough of sub-Urban sprawl? Are you searching for an alternative to cookie-cutter subdivisions and auto-dependent lifestyles?


TrueUrban Homes & Neighborhoods is a builder/development group dedicated to recivilizing sub-Urbia by designing and developing desirable alternatives to sprawl.


What is Recivilization?


TrueUrban Homes & Neighborhoods knows that our best neighborhoods are characterized by uniqueness and human scale and, as such, are memorable and inspiring and worth preserving and protecting. Recivilization is the process of creating more places worth walking to and more civilized ways to walk there. It reduces our dependency on cars and results in communities that are architecturally unique and vernacularly correct. 


Where can I find the latest TrueUrban Homes & Neighborhoods?


We have several new downtown in the planning and design stages of development. See our Communities page and our News page for announcements and to watch them ​progress through development and construction.

How can I get TrueUrban Homes & Neighborhoods to develop near my favorite downtown?


We are always looking for new opportunities to bring our design and development expertise to towns all over Atlanta and North Georgia. Contact us here if you know of desirable infill development opportunities in your favorite downtown. 

Do you have another question not answered here? Click here! We are here to help!

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